25 February 2016

The Dream Team: Taliah Waajid Shea-Coco Line

TALIAH WAAJID is definitely a name that should be in bold capitals, with over 25 years of experience in natural hair care Taliah Waajid is the name to known in the industry. When I first returned to natural 8+ years ago Taliah Waajid products where practically the only products I could find on the shelves of my beauty supply shop, but with the advancement in natural hair products I kind of forgot about my old faithful. So I'm really excited about the new Taliah Waajid line that is her most natural yet Shea-Coco. Shea-Coco is 97-100% natural, the collection of 5 mix and match products are a real treat for natural hair [there is definitely something for everyone in this line. I was sent the line to try out it includes;

19 February 2016

The Flower Infused Oil: Idan Oil by LIHA

By now you all know how much a love a multi tasking product and I've found another amazing product for you all this time from LIHA an artisan beauty brand founded by Liah Okunniwa and Abi Oyepitan who both have a passion for beauty. I'm currently in love their Idan Oil Named after the Yoruba word for magic it can be used for absolutely everything from shaving to co washing to an all over body treat it can also be used as a solid perfume. Not only is it multi Tasking it's smells AMAZING scented with the Tuberose flower, which is a night blooming flower that is native to mexico. 

"LIHA combines elements of both the diverse landscape, and the cultural history of Britain. Inspired by their heritage and traditional techniques, this range of body essentials blends urban and rural with African roots and a quintessentially British attitude"

I adore the overall feel of LIHA, as a Brit girl with African roots myself this brand is right up my street from the packaging to the processes in which they craft their products. They are also fans of DIY beauty and post up recipes like this

17 February 2016

The Natural Deodorant: Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

 I made the switch to natural deodorant quite sometime ago I kept switching from natural to regular deodorant because I wasn't happy with the results of the various products I had tried out. There where a few that I really liked such as Pitrok which was a spray but I tired of having to wait for my pits to dry out before I could put on clothes I was also pretty happy with the Hippy Paste which definitely worked at stopping any odours however I still felt wet if sweated more than normal.  However as much as I want to be as natural as possible I am also a realist, I want to be comfortable and only use products that work for me. I've finally found the deodorant that does and it's natural! 

16 February 2016

The Miracle Honey: Manuka Honey

I'm currently obsessed with Manuka Honey, the super food from New Zealand is very popular and with good reason. Manuka Honey is a mono-flower meaning that it is collected from the nectar of a single species of flower. This being the Manuka tree or bush [tea tree]. Manuka Honey has been used for hundreds of years to treat wounds and infections due to its antibacterial properties . However this is a beauty blog so we are going to talk about the amazing benefits Manuka Honey has on skin.

14 February 2016

The Pink Scrub: Himalayan Salt Scrub DIY

Pink Himalayan Salt is s natural clean salt, so clean you can eat it straight off the mountain! It is found only in the Himalayan region of Pakistan and has a whopping 84 minerals. The minerals on this salt are so microscopic that they easy absorb making it a great beauty ingredient. 

This means it's great cleaning pores as it purifies and disinfects as well as stimulating skin cells. It's also a natural antiseptic salt also attracts and hold moisture making it a amazing natural moisturiser.

12 February 2016

Why It's Important That Shea Moisture is Now Available in Boots

Shea Moisture products are now available on the UK high street! no more buying online or getting American relatives to ship crazy amounts of Curl Enhancing Smoothie!
Shea Moisture is now available in Boots, it IS in most boots! it did take me a while to find it as it was not in the black hair section. Shea Moisture products are for all hair types but many of the fans [like myself] may have missed it in their local boots as it is with the free from products in the hair care sections.

The Review: Mielle Organics from My Luxe Beauty

I've been trying out Mielle Organics which is now exclusively available at My Luxe Beauty   Mielle Organics is relatively new to the Natural Hair Scene. Founded by Monique Rodriguez Mielle Organics has taken the industry by storm and since 2014 has grown to a global company. Mielle uses 100% natural ingredients and is known for it result driven products. So with claims like this I had to give Mielle Organics a try.

I was sent the Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner and the White Peony Leave In Conditioner from My Luxe Beauty a new UK based online shop for natural hair and grooming.

6 February 2016

The Take Over: My Luxe Beauty

My Luxe Beauty the newest online destination for all your natural hair needs is taking over Natural Belles IG. My Luxe Beauty will be sharing their top 5 must have products, promos and an exclusive giveaway.  I'll also chime in with some top tips for shopping online as well as my review of some products from My Luxe Beauty. I caught up with Kim Pereira founder of My Luxe Beauty to give a little introduction to her and her brand......

5 February 2016

The Children's Book: Love Thy Fro by Casey Elisha

Freya is loving the latest edition to her library,  Love Thy Fro written by Casey Elisha and beautifully illustrated by Aliecee Cummings. Love Thy Fro is the story of Kemi who loves hers beautiful afro hair. Aimed at 5-8 year olds this both is simple yet has a wonderful message. great to read and reference to children of all ages.


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