31 May 2015

The Twist Out: I love Afro Hydrate & Hold Crème Review

I've officially lifted the seal on my product ban, I've only been using  castor oil, water and shea, which has been working pretty well for me as I have been protective styling for over 6 months now. However summer is coming and wigs are far to hot to wear on a daily basis so I'll be rocking my fro a couple of times a week. the first product I gave a test run is I Love Afro Hydrate and Hold Crème. This a styling creme that leaves hair soft and shiny with a light hold which is great for maintaining Twist and Braid Outs. 

25 May 2015

The Collective: United Kurls

The highlight of Curlvolution for me was seeing members of the United Kurls Collective on stage. United Kurls are a collective of female UK natural hair brand owners who have come together to support one another.

"We bring together the finest UK home grown natural haircare brands to create a platform and spread awareness about truly trusted UK haircare brands.

United Kurls was formed so that members of the collective may better serve the UK and Global consumers with useful information, quality products and services that would truly benefit them."

United Kurls includes Shea Butter Cottage, I Love Afro, Mane Divas, Shea Decadence, Almocado, Naturally Simple Haircare, Afrodeity, Curly by Nature and BeUnique Haircare. I'm so proud to know some of these women personally though blogging and the natural hair community. Their energy individually is so positive combined they are off the chart.

I can not stress enough how important it is that we support UK natural hair brands especially those run by female entrepreneurs. Not only is this helping to boost the UK economy but it is helping to lift up women in a positive way. The collective is proof that working together is possible, proof that black women support each other.

The Event: Curlvolution 2015

Another year another Curlvolution, I spent Saturday at the 4th Annual natural hair show Curlvolution. This year I hung out with my favourite brand Shea Butter Cottage and meeting some wonderful women! as usual the event was a huge success with a bigger better line up of events and the inclusion of seminars, from a mix of UK and US talents. The vendors where awesome with some of my favs in attendance like Big Hair, Mane Divas, I love Afro to name a few. and of cause the eagerly anticipated Panel discussion, that this year was focused on 50 shades of brown [the inclusion of brown beauty in mainstream beauty] 

It's a well known fact that I don't do many events, due to my hectic schedule working in salon, blogging, various side projects and being a full time mama but I have so much time for the organisers of Curlvolution, it's always a chilled vibe, it;s always fun, and they take on a lot of our feedback making the show bigger and better every year. and also it's just an amazing opportunity to connect with so many wonderful women with amazing natural hair [duh!] check out just a few of the beauties I snapped.....


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