30 April 2014

The Body Gel: HealGel

I've been Using HEALGEL new body gel, for the last 3 weeks. After getting on so well with the HEALGEL face cream which I'm still using I knew I'd love the body gel. Before we go any further with this review I must say this is a luxury products it's no Creme De La Mer body cream which is like £150 (but I have heard rumours that it contains Unicorn tears) but at £39.50 a tube HEALGEL ain't cheap! this is coming from someone who doesn't usually pay more than £15 for body cream so I state for the record that I would only re purchase this if  it was on offer or brought as a gift. 

23 April 2014

The Simplicity: Afrocenchix

For as long as there has been a UK natural hair scene, I've known of Afrocenchix aka Joycelyn and Rachael, these two ladies pride themselves on bringing SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE hair care products to the UK. I've used a few of the Afrocenchix products in the past I really like the Moi Mango Butter which worked wonders on preventing my stretch marks. So when the girls contacted me to try out their new hair care range I jumped at the chance and I'm not disappointed.

9 April 2014

The Box: Organa Mama Subscription Box

I know I know another Subscription box! but hold on before you pass this post by, this is a totally different kind of box especially created for mother and baby. Organa Mana is a bespoke monthly subscription box that provides organic products for both mother and baby to try, the box is the first of it's kind in the UK. Organa Mama is run by a Mama for Mama's with carefully selected safe products that vary from toys to organic cleaning products Organa Mama has thought of everything. 

The Serum: Shea Decadence Omega Rich Facial Serum

Since starting this blogging gig, I have been introduced to a bevy of beauty must have's and my fair share of beauty fads. The best thing I've discovered since blogging is the humble yet effective serum, I've tried many and have been disappointment with few, the latest is from Shea Decadence. The Shea Decadence Omega Rich Facial Serum is great find. I've been using it daily for three weeks on damp skin. I've been using the serum as my main moisturiser, but it is light enough to use under your usual facial cream. The Omega Rich Serum is packed with skin nourishing ingredients such as;

2 April 2014

The Afro

The Afro sans twists, coils or any other curl defining method. and stands alone as an iconic hair style. Yes the 'natural revolution' is well under way but most favour a more defined coil.  These images pay homage to when the picked out patted down afro was king (or Queen) sported by many, in various situations throughout the 1960's and 70's, can you dig?


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