30 July 2010

Ashley's big chop!

transitioner Ashley has done her big chop!!! sooooooooooo cute well done you look great!! 

are us bold chicks natural?

"So Hi Belle, Im a follower of your blog and have been a natural on and off for years. I wear my hair like yours...in varying degrees of semi baldness...sometimes shiny bald, otherwise cropped on the sides...and sometimes a little length on the top so I can wear my mohawk..
I was talking to a long haired natural the other day and she told me that i was a bald head....not a natural because I barely have any hair on my head. What do you think of her statement. My hair is natural. I co wash just like the long haired girls...i seal with oil and probably pay more attention to my scalp than long haired women.
Aren't i a natural too?"

In a word YES! Just because you choose to wear your hair low makes you no less natural! You have the hair that god intended. If you do not put chemicals to change your hair you are natural!
It saddens me that we have begun to catagorize the lenght of our hair to prove how natural we are! The same goes for hair typing which is a complete waste of time. Does your friend do twist outs? I could argue that she is not natural as she is trying to emulate the texture of our looser curled sisters. Wash and goes with gel could be seen as the same thing! When we start to segregate within our natural community what is the point!
You are natural as am i, no matter how much hair we have on our heads.










29 July 2010

i have some hair.......

i seem to  have grown myself some hair! i still haven't found a new barber and i'm starting to get some curls! however i have notice my hair is alot thinner than it used to be first time round (2 years ago) you could see alot less of my scalp. but i'm quite liking the cutesy little bit curl. 

if i decide to keep going this will be the maxium lenght!

Ask belle: weight issues

"My name is Nume and I'm from the United States (Maryland)
I visit your blog almost everyday. I just wanted to say you have the perfect body. I was wondering what do you do to keep in shape. I am currently doing Weight Watchers and it is really working for me but once I lose a few more pounds I will be looking to do something that will help tone me up. I truly understand that you are more of a natural hair and fashion blogger. Any advice you have will help."

thank you for the compliment nume! but i don't think there is any such thing as the perfect body. i have parts of my body that i'm not happy with (i yearn for my 18 year old selfs toned washboard stomach!).
i don't do anything special to keep in shape, as i'm on a diet to keep my hair and scalp healthy that helps also to keep my body healthy i mainly eat spinach, salmon and nuts, lots of brown rice but i aslo eat cake! chips! cookies! Chinese food! did i mention cake?
but all in moderation! 
i have been trying to tone my tummy as well so i have taken up hula hooping for 20 minutes in the morning and evening that about the only excersize i can manage as i find physical activity a bore (yes i was the girl in gym class running away from the ball!)
i have quite an active job which also keep me fit and i try to walk to my desination if possible.
shopping is also good walking from store to store carrying all those bags!! ha ha ha ha

i'm a size 12(8) on the bottom
and a size 10(6) on the top

good luck with your weightloss nume send pictures of your success i'm sure you look amazing!


"after years of chemical straightening and flat ironing to death i went natural and have never looked back!"

loving jules's undercut how fierce!!! 

Letter from charisse

I have been "Natch" (lol) for 11 months now.... I've always wanted to be natural for the past 5 years but I was too afraid of my natural state (WHIMP lol). I had always been told that my hair was too thick and that I "needed" a relaxer because without it my hair was too uncontrollable. (I'm a 4b/c-h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p!) But I felt like I was being a slave to the salon! Granted, I love being pampered and the girl talk that comes with being around other women in the salon, BUT ALL DAY AND A BURNING SCALP? 9 in the morning til 3 in the afternoon... and broken ends, brittle hair, that can only be "bouncified" by the beautician. Try to re-create the bounce at home if you want to... FORGET IT!!!!!

In my opinion, we as women get so attached to our hair and the significance or lack thereof that it may hold... I felt like my hair defined me. If my hair wasn't on point or the weave wasn't whippin', then I wasn't pretty! (Crazy, I know)... We all have insecurities that we must face or that we mask in the form of something else... Mine being my bone straight hair since I was told that "nappy" wasn't cute....

Moving to Atlanta, I have been surrounded by so many beautiful, confident, natural women... They, in turn, gave me the confidence to do the Nike... JUST DO IT! Granted, I wore my sew-in for 10 months before actually wearing my hair out (I've been wearing my hair out for 3 weeks now.. YAY ME!)

The natural hair community is such a warm and supportive circle of people that I never had the chance to know in my life's travels...

I feel so relieved... I feel more confident now than ever before... This is my "Take me as I am, You don't like it, oh well, you can kiss it, free for all" attitude! I always told myself I didn't want to be one of those "I'm going natural because I'm trying to find myself" people (no offense to anyone at all. All love&hugs here). But, in going natural, I found strength, I found calm, I found power, I found me....


"girl!!! this letter had me cracking up!! i do not miss the hairdressers!!! or the burning scalp! ha ha ha ha"

keep your letters and hair journeys coming, 
also submit for natural belle of the week and ask belle !!!

check out his work above not sure if you can purchase any of this work but how absolutely amazing!!
support the arts!

if i was a boy.....

amber rose has a way of making the masculine feminine! i love it when she rocks dude clothes!

corinne bailey rae

even more stunning in the flesh and soooooooo talented!

27 July 2010

amber rose- pink lady!

flourecent pink nail polish in Punchy Pink by essie

ambr rose at the mercedes benz polo challenge event

My Minxy toes

Check out my minx pedicure feels like I have a garden on my feet.
Minx comes in hundreds of patterns and colours includeing metalics!

Prices start at £45 and lasts up to three weeks

Minx by jo-nails at haris salon

Another wonderful letter

Dear natural belle,

Thanks to your blog among other natural blogs, I went natural three months ago ( and loving it!!). At first I was skeptical about wearing my hair out in it's natural state due to negative encouragement from some family members and outside opinions from past high school peers( I graduated June 17, 2010). I would have never thought about going natural until my sister found your blog. When my sister told me about your blog I instantly fell in love with the culture and fashion themes that your blog possessed. I also admired your confidence in wearing your short natural hair. The fact that you had enough self confidence to rock your beautiful bald hair gave me the confidence to say "hey if natural belle can be proud of her natural self than why can't I?" The next thing I knew my self reliance for extentions ceased and my desire to wear my natural tresses flourished. Although many of my high school peers thought that I had lost my beauty by taking out my super long extentions there was still a small minority of people at my school who believed that I became a became a goddess by sporting my curly coils. I allowed for the positive energy from my sister and the people who loved my coily spirals to stay in my heart, and flushed out the negative opinions and glares about my beautiful 4b hair!!! Thank you natural belle from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

"wow you look stunning glad you've embrassed your natural fierceness!!!!"

Keep the great letters and stories about your journeys coming, send to


24 July 2010

Why I'm natural-a letter from Ashley

Hi, My name is Ashley Dawson and Im 17 years old. Today was my first time viewing your blog due to me searching for a 101 session on when and how to get the BC done. I have been inspired by many beautiful black women like India Aire,Erikyah Badu,Teyana Taylor and also my Band and English teachers who both have long beautiful dreadlocks. Seeing and hearing many more females' stories on how they are transitioning and becoming natural is truely an inspiration for me , i feel so good about chopping off my own hair and going natural.Im getting ready to get the BC in a few weeks after doing much research! I'll stop blabbing now and tell you why i want to be and am going NATURAL,,Well reason one: I have always wondered what my natural hair texture is, reason two: As i said before im really inspired by Other women with Big fros and that have dreads and have done the BC, reason three: Im a free soul,My style is wild and open.And i feel that going natural is who i am! Thank you sooo much for the blog,Its a blessing.Please continue to blog!

Below i included a picture of me know with my transitioning hair after i took out my braids..I will be getting the BC soon!

I love this letter girl thank you!!!

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