30 May 2010


thanks lita!! for bringing an artical to my attention. its no surprise that yet again the fashion industry has come under fire for being slighty(alot) racist. 
i'm not going to get into the whole michelle obama nude/champagne dress fiasco for those who want to join the debate click here
i do however want to high light some neutral!colours that are great for our skin tones





sand, cream, grey, beige ect ect
you'll notice all these colours are from a neutral palette and are very muted in tone. the word nude is irrelevant.
khaki looks great on brown skin and is a great alternative to grey and cream (who can keep that clean anyway!!)
rhianna always rocks some fierce neutrals

clothes are available at asos and bohoo.com

28 May 2010

Outfit of the day

Animal print and yes.....these boots are made for walking!!!!

27 May 2010

Outfit of the day

acid wash jeans and customised sweatshirt in a sickly pastel colour reminds me of kelly kapowski from saved by the bell!!

26 May 2010

primark haul and bargain shopping!

shorts £7

mac £16

romper £12.99 (tkmaxx)

romper £4

shirt (worn as dress) £8


skirt £9

shirt from nightware section £6

t-shirt (worn as dress) £3

as i'm sure you are all aware i LOVE  primark!! because i love a bargain!!!!

primark is like a battle, if you want to fight then shop there on a Saturday you WILL argue with some woman who just stole your top from your basket cos it was the only size 10 left (even though she her self is a size 16!!)  so here are a few tips to keep you same and out of jail! when bargain shopping!

shop early!!! i know it suck but the early bird catches the worm! or in our case the bargains. have you even been into primark when its all tidy and you can actually see the clothes? the earlier you go the neater it is and the shorter the queue's. going early also means you can get in the changing room and try things on which is a must when shopping for bargains you don't want to be queuing for hours at the returns section. also you get to catch them putting out the new stock try to find out when the delievery days are (yes i know its extreame but worth it when you get your hands on a nude alexader wang maxi dress copy!!).

don't get carried away!!!! just beacuse it £1 do you really need day glo leg warmers? somethings no matter how cheap are not needed! buy it because you like it and you will wear it!! 

do your home work!!!! so you've seen a great top in river island or topshop before you hand over £40 check if primark has it first! i just hate it when i spend a packet on a item then a few weeks later it rocks up in a bargain store for £10!!!! usually the quality is the same!!

recognize the limitations!!!your not going to go in to primark or forever 21 and pick up a something that is going to last for years and years when purchasing your key pieces stick to quality retailers (joseph,whistles, m&s) bargain hunter and cheap ass are not the same thing!  

trends!!! if you like to follow every trend then primark is a good way to update your wardrobe with items that are not going to stand the test of time (liquid leggings, lace ect)  why spend loads of money on clothes that will only be around for one season!

summer!! primark is great for summer us uk girls all know that we don't get much of a summer here. so why bother spending loads of money on sandles and summer dresses when it will be sunny for 2 weeks max!! (yes thats all) pick up great bikini's, cover ups, and summer dresses from £1

don't!!!!! wear head to toe primark.......please!! (it happens sometimes just through on a ring or something!)
don't!!! buy primark underwear! its crappy and falls apart after one wash!! 

don't be a bitch!! please put stuff back on the hangers and try to fold stuff back up!! what if it was your job!!

do try it on!! primark is not the one for making thing look great on the hanger or displaying thing to there advantage so try things on! 

don't be a clone!! if you've seen everyone in it don'y buy it!! but if you must customise it or accessorize it to give it your own personal touch!

and finally!! queue in the mens sections as its quicker! look closely at the finish of the shoes sometimes there cheap for a reason! (nothing worse than when your primark shoe falls apart on the train!!)
primark make up? are you serious  AVOID! 

i know alot of you guys don't have primark in your country and they do not have a website so no shipping but i believe that forever21, JC penny, walmart, and k mart are similar also try thrifting and sale shopping!! 


use discount code: WIGWITCH