23 March 2010

forever BOLD

so i've been thinking alot about what being natural means to me. it means alot of course but mostly it mean being myself and embracing who i am and how i want people to see me.
i get alot of messages  and emails about people's hair journey and hair goals alot of the time its about the desired hair length and that used to be me too i wanted thick natural LONG hair! but of late i've been wondering why? having a shaved head is so much easier for me and my life i believe it suits me and i don't go a day without someone passing positive comment on my bold look. so why do i still hunger for hair that reaches past my shoulder....or do i? i actually don't think i do i left my hair to grow the past six weeks and it got some good growth my hair texture has changed yet again and i was on the way to a cute TWA. but i went to the salon yesterday and shaved it all off. i know my hair will grow with care it will reach past my shoulders but then what? i won't be a different person, people won't like me any more or less than they do now, perhaps men will find me more attractive with long hair but do i really want to date a man that gives love according to hair lenght rather then the woman that i am regardless?
i told a friend that i was probably not going to grow back my hair, she said "but what about your wedding day?" huh? who said i was getting married? and if i was surely this man would be marrying more than my hair?
i guess i'm at the stage you get to beyond having a relaxer and going natural, the stage i believe you are at when u decide to have locks. i'm going to always be the girl with the bald head!

me and my bold headed best friend Carl!

thanks god i'm natural- book review

I have finally finished reading thank god i'm natural by Chris-Tia E Donaldson! I was sent this book back in january and due to life little issues i have only just finished it........ well were do i start?
are you newly natural? are you transitioning? do you have a million and one questions about natural hair? do you just love natural hair? want hair care tips? want a good read?

then this book is for you!  its jam packed with natural facts like the tag line said "the ultimate guide to caring for and maintaining natural hair" is true but i feel it is much more then that!
as i read though this book though i knew alot of the information already, i thought that how i wish i had this book when i was starting out how many hours would i have saved going through countless blogs and websites giving me different bits of information. all you need to know is in Chirs-Tia's book. want to maintain locks? go the book. want to know why your hair is dry after you first do the big chop? go to the book

my favourite part of thanks god i'm natural is Chris-Tia own personal journey as i felt like it was similar to mine and so many other natural belle's out there struggling to come to terms with natural hair and other people's view on our hair!

i've already ordered 3 of this books for my friends on the edge of going for natural hair and i know this book will guide them into taking the first step!
i'm glad this book was put in my path as natural belle has never been about how too's or facts and figures it's here to highlight natural beauty and keep you all motivated by seeing our positive likeness. so this book for me is a god send! so thank you Chris-Tia you have done us natural girls proud.

13 March 2010

i'm having an oversized hair moment!

THANK GOD! i love mexican food!

hey ladies today i went shopping in westfields with Dora! with a fro this big i had to rock the T-shirt i was sent  by the author of "thank god I'm natural" I'm half way though reading this book as I'm alternating between that and the vampire diaries! but i review will be here by the end of the week!
i must say me and dora had quite a day! its odd stepping out in a wig not sure why but it feels different than rocking a weave or braids for the first half hour i was so self concious that people were looking at me and they were because the fro is really really big lol! but after a while i forgot i was wearing it and got some nice complements from the shoppers of westfeilds. i went back to bricky (brixton) to buy another dora the ladie in the shop made me model the hair and i sold 2 for her!!!!
also had some mexican food yummmmmmmmy!

11 March 2010

The quirky stylista!

check out this lovely ladies blog she is one hot blogger! http://thequirkystylista.blogspot.com

textured "dora" wig

Hey ladies! i've been looking for a textured wig for a while....all i seem to find are comedy afros or jerry curls! but i think i may have found the one! meet "dora" by aftress its was 24.99 it synthetic and i cut it to shape as it was a bit miss ross! i think i love you dora!!

2 March 2010


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