29 January 2010


i don't know about anybody else but 2009 ended badly for me, i was made redundant, and my relationship fell apart. two key aspects of my life came crashing down, two thing that i thought defined me. how blinded we can all be sometimes when really the only thing that defined me was myself. i could blame my now ex boyfriend for not being the rock i thought i needed, i could blame him for not putting in the effort that it needs to make a relationship work, but what would be the point. when the person or the things you think are your future turn out to be your past should we dwell on this? should we blame? i don't think so, this is selfish. be positive about everything and everyone you touch even if they do you wrong, smile in the face of adversity smile at life regardless of the wrinkles!!  


27 January 2010

amber rose is banned!

amber rose is banned from natural belle until further notice! the fur and vagina baring was one thing, but leaving you house purposely dressed like an oscar is just plain old dumb! so no more amber until she comes to her sences! don't even utter her name.....

24 January 2010

SAG's and Globes

every where i turn it's awards awards awards so i thought i'd do a little dress judging of my own! i'm on the look out for some natural hair on the red carpet but i ain't gonna hold my breath!

best dressed lea michele at the SAG's, dress perfect! hair perfect! perfect perfect perfect!

Gabourey Sidibe looked great but i wish she wouldn't cover her arms and lets those boobies free!! girl your big and i ain't mad at it work it out!!!!

again i wish there was more clevage! she could have pulled it off but this dress is very flattering on her saw her on e! and she is a sweet heart too!

miss patton all spermated by my husband robin thicke!! looked lovely at the SAG awards! if not a little shot gun wedding! but the hair is just hanging there like she ain't ever heard of a sleek bun!

halle at the globes.......did i just time travel back to  2001?? halle need to update her look and give liz hurley her dress back!

christina applegate looks like grace kelly! love the back detail!

miss riley looks hot in this dress love it when bigger girls show the curves! she covers the boobs but get out those sexy pins hard to pull off short at awards but she worked it out!

 boring! no more to say.....

mariah looks classy for a change! not sure about the side ponytail she looks a little high school prom! and that god awful bag! better than her globes look...marginally!

this dress is a little ageing on leona she looks like paula pattons bridesmaid! her hair  as always blown out with no trace of curl!! looks good but i miss her big hair!

 hmmm the jury is still out! i like the color and the shape but....i don't know i just can't decide......

model hair

Natalie Pa'apa'a


yaya dacosta queen of sophiticated natural hair up!

23 January 2010

esperanza spalding

coming soon

I just got my copy I'll be reviewing very soon! I'm excited!

amber rose loses another 10 points!

yes! your eyes do not deceive you! this is in fact amber rose wearing a croch revealing swimsuit with  a ripped stocking over it! and yes that is her boob flopping out one side! and indeed the your right in thinking that IS a  trade mark hooker tattoo on ambers thigh! kanye seems to be wearing plastic trousers and studded loafers with NO SOCKS!!! ok so i should say something nice..... love the coat and the biker boot heels and the on point dye job does this girl ever have roots???

*-10 belle points for being able to see your vagina......again!

22 January 2010

janelle monae

PETA!! kamber get all furry


 ok so were do i start!! i'm not a campaigner for peta or anything and i don't have anything against people who wear fur its your choice! i personally would not wear fur! i think it looks kind of gross and the idea of wearing something that still resembles a carcus is not for me!
you know i love you amber but please...i can ignore the fact that techically you are just a video ho who hit the high rollers, i can ignore the fact that you don't really do anything beside party and look hot! i can also forgive your poor choice in men...and women! but this attention grabbing furry shit is not cool! are you cold kamber? are you being ironic? it seems that the spotlight was not firmly on kamber so they pull the i wear fur and I'm proud card! yawn! cue the angry letter from peta and them being covered in red paint! do something useful and use your celebrity to help haiti!!
yes im aware that by posting these picture im just giving them what they want, and i won't stop posting pics of my girl amber but she has lost 10 belle points for this! (besides i blame kanye!) don't get me started on this orange fluffy nightmare!!

*she rocking those shows however teal! nice


sometimes you just want to swish around some hair!  you wanna do the sexy peekaboo behind the long bangs! sometimes you just want to be someone else for a night! as long as you love whats underneath thats all that matters! swish swish swish!
(for the record i prefer my buzz cut! lol)

 it was fun swishing my wig!

amber rose mohawk prt 2

16 January 2010

amber rose mohawk!

this looks soooo cute! miss amber rose has gone and done it again rocking this mohawk while she partied!

14 January 2010

I'm still lovin it

yes i know this style is played out.....but i still love it, paerhaps its just cassie being all fierce, but i'm still likin this style tho its not for everyone.....


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