30 December 2010

The obsession: June Ambrose

so if you having been reading my blog for a while you will know how i can somtimes get slightly addicted to posting about certain people! last year it was Amber Rose (where r u amber?) 6 months ago it was Solange now it seem i'm obssesed with a certain Ms Ambrose! this phase will pass as they often do but for now please be aware that i will graffiti natural belle with all thing's Turban-tastic!

I see myself: Rishabelle

I see myself as 
quirky, soulful, rock-
n-rollin’, God-
Fearing, loving, real,
unique, innovative, 
bright, caring, silly, 
sensitive, emotional, 
non-assertive, cute, 
natural, curly-haired, 
thick, random, 
poet, beautiful, dark, 
30-something, wife, woman, friend.


I see myself: Sissy Nicole

 I see myself as a loving, sharp, off-beat, evolving, inspiring,  grateful, resilient, bold, fun, funny, gracious, happy, gorgeous (inside and out),abundantly blessed, Christian SISTAH!

Sissy Nicole from Texas

I see myself: Catherine

I see myself as,
motivated, goofy, southern belle, cheerful, strong, loyal, creative, reality tv junkie, funky, thinker, writer, elegant.
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I see myself: Olasunbo

I see myself as unique, trail blazer, lovely, great panache, goofy, believer, creator, creative, designer, knowledge seeker, listener, charismatic, spunky, shy, quite, independent, collector, explorer, Aries!

Olasunbo from Los Angeles

Blogger spotlight: My Modest Mouth Blog

fashion, hair, photography and fitness! what else do you need, check out this lovely ladie's world here

The Stylist: June Ambrose


The Holiday Movie: how to marry a millionaire

Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe

The Jumper

i've been thinking of getting a cricket jumper for a while and this image of Ms Monroe has inspired me to get hunting for one! Ebay here i come

The Inspiration

The Faux fro's

The Vintage Covers: JET


29 December 2010

I see myself: Alison

I see myself as a QUIRKY, unique, determined, random out the wahzoo, humorous, God-fearing, Christ in her heart, Jamaican, dancer, lover, warrior, sister, friend 

Allison from Miami 
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I see myself: Ebony

I see myself as:
an individual,proud,
strong, determined,
a lil boyish...prettybeautifully melancholy,
thoughtful,a writer,
sensitive, alone, loved...spiritual....working

The Gallery: saatchi

took a day trip to the saatchi gallery. here are a few of my fav pieces.


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