28 October 2008



love this color!

my model muse

i like to have a hair lenght muse where i find a girl rocking my lenght hair. and i use her as my nspiration (its stops hair envy and unachievable hair issues)
wakeema is my hair muse of the moment i love the way she rocks her medi lenght hot hot hot!

25 October 2008

war time chic

now and then

3 months in braids!

new growth yipee!!!

hello all, my finger are now numb but the braid are finally out and i've posted some picture of my new growth which is about a half inch. my hair is aroung two inches long apart from the dreaded shrinkage!!!
the braids worked really well so i may go back to them after i let my scalp breathe for a week or two.

24 October 2008

the braids have to go

taking out my braids will post picture of new growth soon x


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