28 April 2008

progress prt 1

this is me with around three months growth i quite like my hair at this lenght its cute and my curl definition is really coming along.

the apple fell miles from the tree

hmmmmm wonder why zoe kravits has shunned the natural hair stylings of mum and dad? seem stange the she gone for the relaxer. tho i can't fault her boho style its a shame she has taken heed of her parents flawless do's

its not just me celebs love aveda to!

i hear the lovely leona lewis uses this product. due her mixed parentage her hair is fine so the sap moss is great for her hair as it adds great moisture to fine to medium hair. and the shampoo is so concentrate you don't need conditioner!

helena bonham carter uses this product she has big hair for a white girl and this product helps to smooth and reduce frizz!


one of the brands i've come across whist growing out my hair is aveda,
they are one of the only brands i've come across that have a ethos that is close to my heart and products that actually work.
The brand uses the pure science of plants and nature, producing sustainable products the give results and they smell devine
i'm a fan

at the moment i'm loving the be curly range which contains marshmallow. when the hair is wet it pulls down your curls to smooth then and when hair is dry the curls spring up to create big bouncy fab curls.
its working on my hair at the moment as it is the defines the little curls i have.
i'm using the shampoo and conditioner and the be curly leave in curl enhancer which is amazing!

hairspirational divas

what a little patience can achieve

sooooo cute! love the lenght

not sure if its natural but its cute all the same

short is sexy

stunning curls


shaven headed and beautiful

yes i know its a wig but how divine!

its all new!

so i've finally done i've gone for le big chop!

after years of frieing and dyeing i've decided to go natural. i might add that this is not the first time i have done this about four years ago i chopped it all off and grew an amazing afro, it grew out quite big and i could put it into various styles. i was happlily plodding along with my big hair when everyone started cutting in bangs, never being one to miss a trend i marched myself into the first salon i could find sat in that chair and demanded bangs thick one! and you better do what ever it takes i said. the stylist meekly tried to tell me not to do it saying how about a weave or braids. but no i wanted bangs and bangs i got.
2 hours, tingling hairline and £110 later i had blunt bangs and flowing straight hair and in that moment i felt smug and elitist coz my hair reached past my shoulders!.
cut to 4 weeks later the bangs have been pinned back coz they sure do get in the way. the hair that flowed past my shoulders is now etching up towards my chin and hair is just looking thin and oily!
why the hell did i do it?
i really don't know. the media self esteem fashion..........so many lame reasons.
i come to realise that there are limitations to what afro hair can do to get flowing hair you have to relax it! and it not something i'm willing to do anymore. there are so many options, so many ideas and styles to get the most out of our natural hair. our hair is speacial it our crowning glory and from now on the pledge to adore and love my hair in its natural state! amen!

so why the blog?
to help me get to my goal lenght. without breaking and heading to the salon i've decided to create this blog. to give me and others hairspiration on those dark days when you hand is on the relaxer box or the hot comb and also to show my progressions from half and inch of hair i'm rocking now and beyond.

what to expect?
lots of pics i'm not big on words, celeb hairspiration, advice on hair care and lots more

peace and hair grease xx


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